Kubernetes resources for everyone — CKAD, CKA and CKS

To earn a respected Kubernetes certification, you have a formidable challenge ahead. You’ll need to master a variety of skills, ranging from deployments to networking and security.

In this guide, we’ll share Kubernetes resources that we’ve hand-picked and annotated for learners.

Kubernetes is complex. However, the rewards are worth it. If cloud-native sounds like a career you’d enjoy, then bookmark this page and read on because we compiled this list just for you.

Kubernetes Certifications guide and resources

Here are a few comprehensive and rigorous hands-on training resources to help you get started.

  • New CKAD Exam — Certified Kubernetes application developer
  • Acing CKA Exam — Certified Kubernetes administrator
  • CKS — Certified Kubernetes security specialist

Practice resources

Studying and practice are key, and by applying yourself to both, you can get ahead much faster. These resources can help expand your skill set for the Kubernetes certification exam.

↳ Practice Labs

This is a great approach for individuals who prefer to learn by doing, with practice environments designed to mimic real-life professional scenarios.

↳ Cloud Credits

The adoption rates of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies continue rising, with nearly all major cloud providers offering managed Kubernetes hosting. Using Kubernetes managed service with free compute credits saves you from potential headaches to practice effectively. The following are some of the best cloud platforms that offer free credit to get hands-on experience.

↳ Allowed resources

You may use the official resources while taking the exam, including sub-domains and translated pages.

K8s Community, forums and news

Join Kubernetes community to discuss your doubts and questions.

↳ Community

↳ Forum

↳ Social Groups

↳ Blogs and News

↳ Podcasts

↳ Careers

Closing Note

Thanks for making it to the end. We’ve got a few practical resources for you.

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